The reasons for using makeup change as you age. If you’re in your late 20s or older, you’re likely to use makeup not to cover acne but to blur signs of aging and look more youthful. The thing is, the tiny details in your makeup application can make a huge difference with how young (or mature) you look.

Want to look younger and more radiant? With the right makeup tricks, turning back the clock can be as easy as gliding your foundation brush all over your face.

Here are 10 Smart Makeup tricks to look younger, according to experts :

1. Work with a clean and moisturized face :

The ritual before applying foundation is just as important. Skipping moisturizer will cause your skin to suck up the moisture in that foundation of yours, magnifying fine lines, wrinkles, and dry patches.

2. Use a primer before applying foundation :-

Ever wondered why makeup done by professionals look flawless and long-lasting? It’s not just about the quality of cosmetics used or the skills acquired in the makeup academy – it’s the primer, baby.

Primers not only help your makeup glide more effectively and last longer – primers also help blur fine lines. It keeps the foundation from settling into fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Go for a sheer foundation :

Are you guilty of loading up on foundation to hide problem spots? You may be magnifying the signs of aging further. Less is more when it comes to foundation. Besides, concealers are there for a reason.

Pick a lightweight foundation in luminous to a dewy finish. Then, add an opaque concealer only where you need it.

4. Think about pinpoint concealing :-

Likewise, concealers should be used lightly. Focus on the area that tells your age – your tired, puffy eyes.

Conceal the darkness at the inner corners and underneath your peepers. If your discoloration is severe, don’t overdo your concealer. Instead, use a color corrector prior to applying concealer. For fair skin, go for pink correctors. If you have light to medium skin tone, opt for peach. Orange correctors, on the other hand, work best for tan to dark skin.

5. Use powder lightly :-

Never ever overdo your powder – it will only draw more attention to lines, making your skin look dry and flaky. Unless you have oily skin, you can skip powder completely and go for a dewy, glass-like skin you’ve always wanted.

If you use powder to mattify some oily areas, pick a translucent pure silica formula which is weightless and natural-looking on the skin. Avoid talc and mica, which may lead to cakey, visible build-up.

6. Make your eyes pop :-

Eyes that look bright, open, and well-rested never fail to make you look half your age. Aside from using concealers to camouflage dark circles and puffiness, go a little extra on your eye makeup.

Eyeshadow. Pick an eyeshadow color that’s opposite of your eye color to help enhance them. For blue, neutral hues with warm undertones, like brown, copper, terracotta, plum, look flattering. For green, opt for purple tones, like mauve, violet, and plum. For brown and hazel, go for blues, purples, and greens, and universally flattering shades like salmon, and bronzy gold.

Eyeliner. Line the upper inner rims or waterlines of your eyes with a dark waterproof eyeliner. If possible, stay away from black liners, which may appear harsh. Instead, find dark brown eyeliners which defines your eyes while keeping your look natural.

Mascara. For the finale, go for long, curly lashes. Curl your lashes and apply your favorite volumizing mascara on the upper and lower lids to open up those beautiful eyes of yours.

7. Do your brows, Korean-style :-

It’s always best to follow your natural eyebrow shape. But if you want to take years off your face, learn from Korean stars and beauty gurus who seem to have stopped aging at the age of 23.

Go for soft, straight, feathery brows. Unless you have blonde brows, fill them with a brow powder that’s lighter than your natural hair color. Brush them with a brow wax or mascara for hold.

8. Add a peachy blush :-

Blush is one of the simplest ways to add a youthful color to your dull skin. However, the wrong blush shade and/or placement can age you.

Peach is a universally flattering color that helps give your face a fresh, radiant look. It works best for fair to medium tones. If you have a darker skin tone, go for coral. Apply it on the apples of your cheek to create a faint flush. Don’t go too low – it will drag your face down.

9. Go for glossy lips :-

All the hard work of making your skin look smooth and youthful will go down the drain if you have dry, pale lips.

A bit of gloss can make a difference. Rosy tinted lip balms also work if you don’t like the gloss but you want to make your lips look more hydrated. Avoid matte lipstick, which accentuates lines and makes your lips drier than ever.

10. Enhance your lip color with sweet shades :-

Dark colors are another no-no if you want to look younger. Nude shades look unflattering too since they often wash people out.

Go for something in between – like sweet shades that look like your natural lips but better. Think about pinky and peachy nudes, coral, and soft berry shades. For a plump look, dab a bit or Vaseline or shiny gloss on the middle of your lower lip.

Oh, one last thing – never ever forget to wear your brightest smile. No expensive makeup can beat this trick to making you look younger and more beautiful.

Author Bio: Mina Natividad is a passionate writer for Napoleon Perdis Makeup Courses, a leading luxury makeup brand in Australia, which prides itself in delivering top of the line cosmetics and makeup courses. Sticking to the heart of the cosmetics brand, she aims to empower women with articles about style and beauty.

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