Have you had your salad today? A salad is a type of food which is a mixture of raw or semi-cooked vegetables. It is very tasty and delicious food. Apart from the taste salad is very good for our health because it prevents us from diseases.

Here I am sharing 5 Reasons to eat salad! Why to eat salad?

Salad Contains Vitamins:

The fresh vegetables help us to fulfill the daily need of vitamins in the body. The green leaf lettuce contains Vitamin A, C, B and K which helps us to maintain and keep healthy our skin, hairs, teeth, and bones. The Department of Agriculture in US research that we should take at least 2 and a half plates of vegetables per day.

benefits of eating salad

Salad Contains Other Nutrients:

Salads provide the essential minerals to our body like iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium to keep ourselves healthy which help us for the flow of oxygen (lungs to the cells) in our body. It prevents us from heart disease, anemia, aid in nerve, etc. The different colors in vegetables give us multiple antioxidants which prevent us from cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other chronic conditions.

Salad Contains Fiber:

Our body needs fiber to prevent constipation and regulate the digestion. Also, fiber helps to maintain cholesterol level and prevent us from heart disease. The American Heart Association research suggests that we should eat at least 25 grams of fiber per day. And Fresh or green vegetables contain high fiber and water.

Helps in Weight Loss:

5 Reasons to eat salad! Why to eat salad?

When we eat salad, it contains high moisture and high fiber which create swelling in the stomach and intestine. This swelling helps us to feel full in fewer calories.  Because of this swelling, we can able to lose our body weight.

Salads Are Easy To Make:

We only need some fresh vegetables and fruits to make a delicious salad. We can use some veggies to make a salad like a cucumber, carrot, radish, cabbage lettuce, avocado, tomato, scallion, celery, shallots, boiled eggs, chickpea, broccoli, and so on. When you feel hungry, then go to the kitchen and make some healthy and delicious salad.

Why to eat salad

That’s all, some are benefits of eating salad. Stay healthy 🙂

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