In this challenging and struggling world, people face so many challenges, and most importantly they have not much time to maintain their skin. I am sharing some quick and pro ideas to nourish your skin and get rid away of pimples for men and women.  So why pimples? We all follow a busy schedule which results in a hectic schedule, no proper diet, we prefer the subway, restaurants, spicy foods, no fruits, the low water levels in the body, lots of dust on the skin, and so on. All these and many different things even stress and overthinking can also give you PIMPLES.

Life is not all about personality but yes personality of men and women has a great role to build confidence in this challenging world. I never vote to look. I believe your skills are enough to showcase your talent, still on a second thought looking fresh is also not a bad idea, when a man has to impress a crush or flirt in college, office or on social media. I have some great and easiest ways to solve your problem with Pimples.

No – No, you don’t need to spend so many time to get rid of Pimples, We have 6 easiest and simple ways how to cure pimples:-


It’s important to be hydrated to make your dry skin and oily skin smooth. Set an alarm or use a mobile app to have water at least 3-4ltr in a day and also you need to wash your face more frequently without using any soap or face wash.


Aloe Vera:

Apply fresh or any aloe vera cream on the affected area of your skin. Aloe vera is not visible or oily so you can apply it and go outside also.

Turmeric :

In the morning after waking up, while doing brush you can apply turmeric and rose water/water, Mix turmeric or water and apply it for 5minute

Gram Flour ( Besan ) :

Gram Flour(Besan) and curd, mix it and apply it for 5mintues anytime as per your comfort.


Any face pack will work, especially with Azadirachta indica(Neem in Hindi) has a great impact on cleaning your face.

Drinks and cocktails

Lemon Juice :

A few drops of lemon juice (Vitamin C) will easily help you in removing these pimples forever. You just have to clean your face with water and apply lemon juice for 5minutes.

 Some Important Points which is important to follow:-

  • Always moisturize your skin after applying turmeric, Gram flour, face pack, and lemon juice. You can moisturize your skin with aloe vera or any light cream which has rose water will work to make your skin smooth and glowing.
  • Always clean your face with plain water before applying any mention or anything on the face
  • Don’t apply any fairness cream or foundation or makeup on the face
  • Maintain a healthy diet, If not possible have lots of fruits and no spice food.
  • Don’t touch your face so frequently and never touch it with nails.



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