Kochi which is also known as Cochin. It is the most densely populated place in the district of Ernakulam. Kerala is called ‘God’s own Country’ and Cochin as the ‘Gateway of Kerala’. Kochi has an urban population making it a metropolitan city in Kerala. The government of India has recognized as the Tier -2 city.

There are a lot of historical facts about Kochi, which makes the place even more special. The city population is over 2.1 million within are of 440 km (source: Wikipedia). Kochi is also an important center for trading of spices. Kochi is proud to say that it ranks first in welcoming maximum tourists, both domestic and international. Kochi is ranked one of the emerging Global cities among the total of 440 cities. Out of 100s of accolades earned, Kochi is the seat of Indian Navy, High Court of Kerala, Indian Coast Guard and other important companies like Kochi Marine, BPCL, HMT, Apollo Tyres, Cochin Stock Exchange, Cochin Shipyard and many more.

Kochi is the combination of modernity, culture, history, nature. Cochin was the name given by Britishers but the locals preferred to say Kochi and eventually the name got changed later. Apart from many interesting facts, one that’s the latest is, Kochi has its own wax museum which was inaugurated in 2014. It displays lifelike statue made of wax of famous personalities. Kochi is also famous for its airport and if you know you are going to reach early, then take a U-turn and visit the Lulu Mall.

If you find this fascinating then read more as we have shortlisted the 7 top places you must visit in Kochi (Cochin).

1. St. Francis Church, Fort Cochin :

The St. Francis church is known to be one of the oldest church in India built by Europeans. It is said that on the third visit by Vasco Da Gama, he fell sick and died there, where his tomb was built. This place has a lot of historical significance and known for its serene environment and beautiful design. It is open every day from 7 am to 6.30 pm except Sundays.

2. Veegaland :

Fun on Earth is nowhere other than VeegaLand. It is India’s first theme park. It is popularly known as WonderLa Amusement Park. You definitely should not miss the exhilarating rides like flying ammu, bumper car, castle jet, rapid river, toy train, balloon tower etc. There are thrilling rides for the hyperactive like vintage tornado, space gun, thunder fall, twin flip monster and many more. This experience will be one like never before. The park is very well maintained with proper care for hygiene and privacy.

The tickets can be collected in 2 ways – Regular and Fastrack Tickets. Regular is the usual tickets but Faster track is first come first serve based where the price of the ticket will be little highly priced and quantity will be limited to 500 passes per day. The weekends are extremely crowded. Therefore, the prices will increase on weekend and public holiday. Park opens weekdays from 11 am to 6 pm. Whereas in the weekend, the closing time is extending by an hour to 7 pm.

3. Cherai Beach :

Kochi is popular for beaches and Cherai beach because of its tranquility and pristine feel. This beach is perfect for a day out from the rush of the city to spend with your family and dear ones. This place is covered with lush green coconut trees and best for swimming. Cherai Beach is 15 kms long and surrounded by coconut trees, paddy fields, fishing nets, backwaters which you shouldn’t miss. The beach is open at all times. However, avoid to visit the zoo when there is a high tide alert.

4. Mattancherry:

Mattancherry is a place situated towards the west of Kochi and is around 7-8 km from Ernakulam. This place is an amalgamation of cultures and has people from states like Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Goa etc who have come and settled in Mattancherry. It is now a popular tourist destination because of the famous Mattancherry Palace and the oldest Synagogue called the Paradesi Synagogue. Mattancherry Palace is built by the Portugese in the 1500’s, resembling the traditional Kerala house. The Palace is a must visit and is open all the days except Fridays from 10 am to 5 pm.

5. Jew Town :

Located between Mattancherry Palace and Paradesi Synagogue, in the heart of Mattancherry is a small town called the Jew Town. If you visit this place, do check for the aromatic spices and take home some. And if you have a fetish for antiques, then you can see quite a lot of them with items that will great as collectibles. The population of Jewish residents has come down due to the larger number of hawkers that have taken over the place for trade. Jew Town has a spectacular view for photography.

6. Folklore Museum :

This museum showcasing the ancient history is a three-story building that takes you inside of Kerala history, culture, and heritage. It displays the folk-tribal artifacts and objects of the state. It was inaugurated in 2009 and is a tall 3 story building with a strong influence of Malabar traditions. You are sure to see objects that take you back to generations like the manichitrathazhu (traditional ornate door lock), Kathakali mask, ornaments, musical instruments etc. The opening hours are 9.30 am to 7 pm and is open all days.

7. Ernakulam Shiva Temple :

The temple is one of the 7 most prominent temples in Kochi. It is located in downtown Kochi. It holds 7-day festivals which are considered to be one of the most important festivals of Cochin comprising of classical dances, poojas, and other traditions etc. The temple is open all the days from 3:30 am to 11 am and 4:00 pm to 8 pm.

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