Who says gals can’t fly solo?

Women have come a long way since the olden days when they were supposed to stay at home, couldn’t vote, and had no rights to freedom. But after the United Nations has considered the international bill of rights for females, women became powerful, courageous, and impressively strong. But one of the most exciting and empowering shifts for women is their increasing passion to explore the world as solo travelers. According to Solo Travel Statistics Data of 2018, there is a high percentage of female travelers who preferred to travel alone, making a record of solo female travelers more than men.

While traveling has become safer and easier for female travelers, women still need to take some safety precautions to keep them (and their belongings) guarded on the road. Of course, the main concern for most travelers is safety. People are always excited about their first solo adventure but anyone can’t erase the fact that traveling alone can be a little risky sometimes.

Same with other female travelers out there, I’ve been traveling the world by myself, experiencing a mission to be refreshed and inspired, beautiful memories, some major screw-ups, and everything else in between. With that, I’m lucky enough to learn how to stay safe and alert while traveling solo.

Get ready to hit the road as I share with you my personal 8 Safety Tips for Women Traveling Alone.

1. Dress like a local:

How women should dress up is still highly debatable these days. Theoretically, women should have their freedom when choosing whatever style they want or whichever makes them comfortable. But this theory is not just realistic. Part of precautions for traveling alone is to blend in and dress like a local when necessary. If it’s covering your head, cover your head. Or wear long sleeves, loose clothes, and pants to make you look more stable. If you want to be left alone and stay away from strangers’ interest, it’s often good to avoid drawing attention to yourself by wearing vulgar and revealing clothes.

2. Avoid getting too much drunk:

The next thing that should come to mind is how you keep yourself from all kinds of trouble. Getting wasted and too much drunk while traveling is never a good idea. This way puts yourself at risk such as meeting people that would likely take advantage of your weakness. 

3. Bring self-protection devices:

Some examples are whistles, doorstops (for your safety during accommodation), pepper sprays, tactical pens, and tasers to keep you g4.oing.

4. Book accommodations in advance:

One of the most disturbing encounters I had when traveling to a new place is arriving at night with nothing booked. If you know you’re arriving off the plane at night, make sure to book your accommodations and transport (cabs, coaches, or minibus hire) in advance. Hotels, suites, and other accommodations might get fully-booked when travel is most active. So don’t take the risk of spending the nights on streets you’re not familiar with.

5. Feel free to say no:

Some locals might take advantage of you being someone who’s new and not so familiar with their place. They would offer you company, invite you to interesting spots. But if you find them suspicious and weird, do not be afraid that you might disappoint people by saying no when it feels right. It’s okay to meet new people but always be careful when choosing the right people to put your trust with.  

6. Keep a dummy wallet:

The scariest part of traveling is when you encounter local thieves. To keep you and your valuables safe, I would suggest that you always keep a dummy wallet when you travel. A dummy wallet is a fake wallet that contains some of your canceled credit cards and a little amount of money just to make the robber believe that he’s getting something worthwhile. Keep the real valuables in a safe hidden place like under your toes or at the deepest part of your luggage.  

7. Let friends and family members know where you are:

Make sure your friends and family members can keep a track on your itinerary especially when you have worried parents back home. Do not forget to inform any of them if in case you change your plans due to delays of flights because you know it’s always bound to happen. This way leaves them with less worry knowing that you’re in a safe place.    

8. Keep local emergency numbers:

No one would ever want to use these local numbers but it’s always smart to be prepared in case you need some help. Before you decide to take a trip, do some research about the place and look for local emergency hotlines online.

Note to self as a solo traveler: Traveling is marvelous but nothing counts more than your safety. 


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