Who feels bad If you have a glowing skin, shining hair and tan free body and you don’t have to pay any huge amount which can affect your budget? Right ! No one feels bad for having a smooth and beautiful skin, I am not talking about any chemicals or drugs, I am simply referring you to a plant which has multiple benefits and is easily available in the market or gardens i.e. ALOE VERA.  You can grow your own Aloe Vera plant and can use it for a lifetime. If it is not possible to grow a plant, you can buy the Aloe vera gel in any retail store.

Helping hand is always better than a demanding hand or a praying lips. Aloe vera has some miracle power which you can afford at a very marginal price or totally free of cost. Aloe Vera is healthy to eat, can apply as a mask or use as hair gel. Aloe vera is not less than a lottery ticket which costs very less but if you win you can be the richest person.

Best Ways to use Aloe Vera in your daily routine to enhance your personality more shining and more glowing:-

1- Apply Aloe Vera gel ( Plant or Product) on your face at a time of brushing your teeth early in the morning, wash it at the time of taking a bath.

2- Mix some aloe vera gel in your shampoo and wash it normally you do. It takes no time to mix some gel in your shampoo while taking a bath.

3- Before applying any cream, lotion to your face or skin apply some aloe vera gel and make it  a habit

4- If you have a tanned skin or forehead apply aloe vera in your skin and have more water, Automatically in few days you will see the difference

5- Any problem with hair loss, bald scalp, dandruff, dry scalp, oily scalp or rough hair, split ends, Aloe Vera works as a miracle, you can apply it as shampoo or hair gel or hair mask. The result is surprising.

6-  Facing problems with pimples, dry or oily face, not a glowing face, again Aloe vera is the best option to use.

7- Aloe Vera helps in healing a wound.

8- Aloe vera has the best result in improving dark skin and pigmentation

9- You can mix some amount of aloe vera gel in your face mask.

10- Aloe Vera heals burns and clears acne



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