Everyone wants to celebrate their special moments like birthday, pre-wedding shoot, anniversary in a different way. Now you have a unique way to celebrate these moments. Here we have a great idea to make your special day memorable.

Birthday and Pre-wedding Celebrations in Metro Coaches.

How to book Noida Metro Coach:

Now you can book your personal Metro Coach for celebrating birthdays, pre-wedding Shoot in metro.

First of all, you have to submit a form in NMRC office. Booking is done prior 15 days a and services will be provided according to First come First serve basis. A maximum of 50 people are allowed at one time which includes adults and children per coach for any event. Only 4 coaches are available for one booking.

Fee and Charges of Metro coach:

Pre-Wedding photo shoot in Metro
  • A Static Metro Coach without decoration RS 5000 Per hour.
  • A Static Metro Coach with decoration RS 7000 per hour.
  •  A Moving Metro Coach without decoration RS 8000 per hour.
  • A Moving Metro Coach with decoration RS  10000 per hour.

These charges are excluding taxes and additionally, you have to pay a refundable security amount RS 20000 while booking.

The moving mentor Coaches will be given during operational hours while the static ones can be given during non-operational hours from 11 pm to 2 am

Facilities Provided:

NMRC will provide a center table to celebrate your birthday, anniversary in Metro.  Housekeeping staff and supervisor staff will also be there to help you.

Basic Guidelines:

“The applicants at all times would be governed by the guidelines as prescribed under the policy regarding security check, damage or loss to the metro property, consumption of alcohol or use of fire , hampering of operational activities, gunfire and explosives, and others, etc.,” the NMRC statement said.”

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