Rush… Everyone is in rush to go to work, school or the respective duties but we all know It’s important to take care of your health to make a good wealth.

Healthy and Quick Breakfast Recipe

Recipe Of Oats Cheela:

Take 10min to cook and start your day in a healthy way.



  • Oats (Plain)
  • Egg (2)
  • Vegetables- Onion, Tomato, Carrot, Green Chili (optional)


  • Take a cup of oats in a bowl
  • Mix 2 egg whites in oats and salt (As per taste)
  • Give a quick mix of 2-3min


  • Heat a pan and pour a teaspoon olive oil
  • Spread the oats mixture on the pan
  • Spread lightly so that Cheela does not break
    Cover it for a minute in a low flame
  • Continue to cook till the base of Cheela gets light golden. Then flip.
  • Now cook the other side of Cheela.
  • Enjoy your hot and warm Cheela with Green chatni ( Recipe mentioned in the last)

Note: If you are a Vegetarian or don’t want to have egg

The process will be the same you have to mix the vegetables and a little water to makes oats batter smooth.

Instruction– Vegetables can be added as per your choice. Mushroom, Cabbage, Capsicum

Green Chutney: One can prefer tomato Sauce but for a better taste and better health, Why not homemade green sauce.

Green Chutney Recipe
Green Chatni Chutney


  1. Dhaniya Patta (Coriander Leaves)
  2. Lehsun (Garlic)
  3. Salt
  4. Green chili
  5. Tomato or Lemon


  • Take fresh leaves of Coriander in a Mixture Jar
  • Add 3-4 Garlic Cloves, Green chili
  • Salt (According to taste)
  • 5-6 drops of Lemon

Make a smooth paste and have it with your Healthy Oats Cheela If you don’t want to add garlic then follow the above procedure and at place of garlic, you can add half tomato and avoid a lemon.

Instruction- Don’t use water in chutney and you can make it one time in a good quantity and use it for 3days.

It’s necessary to maintain a healthy life and this Oats Cheela and Green Chatni which will take hardly 10-15min can really help to start a day with a healthy breakfast. A boring breakfast can make you a little upset or slow you down to start your day with full energy. Why not a Chatpata (tasty) and healthy breakfast to start the day in a tasteful and superb way.

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Start Your Day With Healthy and Quick Breakfast.

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