It is believed that love and affection between the couple (arrange/love marriage) begins to fall after the initial 2 – 3 years. Due to today’s hectic lifestyle and routine, it is observed that interest towards their partner starts decreasing, and at the end of the day stress takes place of love. This article will help you how to keep a relationship strong and healthy.

To overcome this situation, we need to enjoy every moment of happiness, which will make sure that bonding is always there between loved ones.  Below are few important points should be kept in mind which will help you How to keep a relationship strong and healthy.

Take out Some time for your partner:

It is very important to spend some good time with your partner as it will give a long life to your relationships. If you do not give time to your partner, then there will be a communication gap. Going forward, this gap can be the cause of a broken relationship. In fact, it is said and believed that the greatest gift you can give to your partner is your time.

Maintain Trust:

A mutual trust gives the strength to your relationships. For keeping your relationship honest, you should trust and never lie to each other to save the relationship. Lies give birth to doubt which is more than enough to spoil a good relationship.

Do not Set High expectations :

Always keep in mind that there is a lot of differences in real life and movies. Do not compare your partner with any of your close relatives or friends. Understand that everyone has their own lifestyle and nature to live life. If you try to bind your partner according to your own, then it will start cutting down on you in some time.

Avoid negative talks :

Do not discuss your personal things in front of anyone and do not make fun of your partner. You should not judge your time partner all the time. If you do so, it will create tension between both of you and gradually you will start hating each other. Try to solve the problems of each other.

Have patience and control your anger:

In every relationship there are fighting quarrels, this does not mean that you will scream and shout every now and then. Whenever there is debate, keep patience and control yourself. It is said that whenever there is a fight, it is good for a person to become silent or at least listen before reacting. So whenever this happens, take a decision after understanding the depth of the matter.

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