” The measure of success is happiness and peace of mind: – Bobby Dayro”

We heard so many times that a blank mind can be a place of devil’s home and it’s better than an occupied mind. Is It?  Yes, an occupied mind is actually preferable rather than being a free mind. The most important part is our mind in peace or we are struggling with our thoughts. A human mind works like a robot for the human system. Our mind actually works as a robotic system, we can think, we can do any work, we can play with thoughts, we can talk, we can eat and multiple things in a single time and our mind helps in it without taking any extra time.

Life gives us several opportunities to do something and time plays its own role to put us in a different situation, only a peaceful mind helps us in make yourself stable. We are living a hurry life so we always look for a chance to go on a vacation, a trip or time to hang out and chill with close ones. Why we look for a chance to go out, very simple we want to go on a distance from our usual life so that we can give some peace to mind. Peace of mind is actually a vacation and a fresh start for everyday work style but we cannot go every day somewhere. We need to find time to go out and have fun but we do have multiple options.

1. Change your mindset: Don’t look for some extraordinary tips, if we can change our mindset we can find peace on our own at every moment of life.

2. Positivity: It’s very necessary to stay with positivity just to avoid negative thoughts and negative surroundings.

3. Breathe: Whenever you feel uneasy or you want to give up on everything. Just hold for a minute and take a deep breather and try to release all the negativity with a smile on your sweet face.

4. Silence: – Silence is the founder of a peaceful mind, not getting any answer to your decision, you need to sit in some silence alone and focus on your choices and then you can take a decision with peace of mind.

5 Meditation: – Meditation works like a refresh button of a human system, no need to go out in a garden or join meditation class, just find a time of 5minute early in the morning for giving relaxation to mind and body.

6 Food: – Feeling uneasy and struggling with situations, a good meal of your taste can also release tension from your mind. A bite of yummy chocolate can release your stress.

7. Music: – Listening to the music of your own choice will really give you a boost and energetic mode to deal with situations.

8. Family & Friends: – Sharing thoughts with family and friends, spending time with them is the easiest way to laugh out all your pressure easily.

9. Speak out Loud: – No need to shout, you need to practice to speak clearly and straight forward. On point discussion is mandatory if you are looking for peace of mind. Confusing discussion creates a confused aroma in your mind.

10 Wish List: – Promise yourself for a Peaceful Mind.

These are the option to get an idea for a peaceful mindset. In the present era of society, we are struggling to get a peaceful mind and deal with situations. No need to follow all the steps, you choose and you decide whatever suits you. Peace of mind is totally our internal matter. It should begin with our thoughts and then take forward in our life. Peace of mind gives a peaceful perception to go better.


Awantika Gupta

The first Name represents there is no end and I am a bold, energetic, outspoken, straight forward Soul. I love reading, writing, sharing thoughts and always eager to learn new things. I never want to go blank in any topic of world, A little knowledge of everything is productive as compared to no knowledge. Fond of Movies, Reading, Writing, Sleeping and Hang out with friends, the best part I am a cooking lover.

Only a secret- In the back of mind I am a strong personality of story maker, Can cook and make great stories in a few seconds, just needed a concept. Starting my Journey on Desirebuzz.com as Content writer

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